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Upcoming Webinars

We’ve teamed up with Dakota Medical Foundation and Matto Foundation to bring you a monthly learning series on youth well-being and addiction. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, coach or other caring adult, this series is for you. Upcoming webinars and past recordings can be found below.

July 21 at Noon CT
Addiction impacts all North Dakotans and it takes all of us to end the stigma and shame that surrounds the issue. First Lady Kathryn Burgum will discuss her efforts to address addiction in North Dakota through Recovery Reinvented, an initiative focused on normalizing conversations around addiction and creating support for those struggling.

Webinars are streamed live on Facebook.

Past webinars

Starting the Conversation About Drugs and Alcohol
Nicole Leitner, ND Juvenile Courts
Recorded Nov. 5, 2020

As intimidating as it may be, the topic of drug and alcohol use should not be avoided. Parents, guardians, and other caring adults are critical components in preventing addiction. Hear from Juvenile Court Officer Nicole Leitner as she shares tips to help you navigate the drug talk.

Delaying Alcohol Use in Adolescents
Recorded Dec. 14, 2020

Adolescents who use alcohol and other drugs put their health, safety, and futures at risk. Matto Foundation Co-Founders Dr. Mike and Mary Beth Traynor and Sanford Health Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Dr. Stefanie Hanisch share a personal story on the importance of delaying use.

Helping Youth Build Positive Connections
Recorded Jan. 7, 2021

Positive connections lead to positive outcomes. Friends of the Children Executive Director John Fisher shared why relationships are essential to a child’s well-being and the role intentionality plays in building healthy relationships with youth.

Why Teens Use
Recorded Feb. 4, 2021

Sometimes the root of “why” teens use drugs and alcohol goes much deeper than experimentation. Relevant Life Church Lead Pastor Travis Linn shared a personal story of addiction and how it informed the principles he uses to mentor youth and their families.

Opioids and Overdose
Recorded Mar. 4, 2021

Preventing and treating substance abuse and addiction is a responsibility we all share. In this webinar, Fargo Cass Public Health’s Robyn Litke Sall shared with us what we need to know to prevent, recognize, and respond to an opioid overdose.

Social Media and Self Esteem
Recorded April 1, 2021

Developing a positive self-image can be an uphill battle for many young people. BIO Girls Executive Director Missy Heilman explains how the influences of society and pressures on social media to be perfect can fuel negative feelings and low self-esteem in youth.

Youth Mental Health After the Pandemic
Recorded May 6, 2021

It’s no surprise that the pandemic has had a significant impact on youth and their mental health. Dakota Family Services Social Workers Christy Wilkie and Lucas Mitzel discussed how we can use the lessons of the pandemic to prioritize youth mental health and better equip young people to overcome future challenges.

The Truth About Vaping
Recorded June 16, 2021

If you’re a parent or work with kids, you’ve more than likely heard the buzz about vaping. Fargo Cass Public Health’s Melissa Markegard shares what you need to know about vaping to dispel common myths and steer youth away from e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

If you or your teen are struggling with mental health or substance use issues, FirstLink’s 2-1-1 helpline is available 24/7 to connect you to the services you need. Also, be sure to check out our Crisis Roadmap to learn about other community resources available to support you and your family.