The mission of LevelUp Fargo is to increase the connections in our community that empower all youth to thrive, which will reduce alcohol and other drug use.


Our vision is to enhance community collaboration so youth will succeed.  We will share research and resources that elevate opportunities for youth to develop stronger relationships.  Our efforts will reduce youth substance use by developing positive, healthy, and meaningful connections.

About LevelUp Fargo

We are a Fargo coalition of parents, teachers, mentors, and community members who are all dedicated to using social capital to increase youth’s social connections and fight substance use among Fargo youth. We will be the conduit between youth, parents, and the resources they’re seeking. We are proudly supported by Dakota Medical Foundation, and Impact Foundation.

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What is social capital?

Social capital is the number of human connections an individual has in their social network. For youth to thrive, it is important for them to have connections with their families, peers, teachers and mentors. Social capital is an important key in preventing youth substance use.

Why do we exist?

In recent years, youth substance use has become an issue both nationally, and locally:

Fargo was identified as the “5th Drunkest American City” with 25% of the adults drinking in excess.

(May 2018 issue of USA Today)

Approximately 24% of high school students indicated they used alcohol and 15% used marijuana in the past 30 days.

(2017 Youth Risk Behavior Survey; YRBS)

Roughly 14% of middle school students and high school students said they had considered suicide.

18% of middle school students and 27% of high school students have felt so sad, or empty that they have stopped their normal activities.

(2017 YRBS)

Over 1/3 of students do not regularly share their thoughts and feelings with their parents.

(2017 FPS Social Capital Survey)

About 15% of students would not tell anyone if they felt sad, empty, hopeless, angry, or anxious; 14% did not think adults cared about them.

(2017 FPS Social Capital Survey)

Key Activity #1


We continually update community youth data to discover the most critical risk and protective factors, including social capital.

Key Activity #2

We are working to develop a central Data Dashboard which will act as a report card for the community of Fargo to track the status of risk and protective factor indicators proven to help youth thrive.

Key Activity #3

LevelUp Fargo releases this data in an easy to understand, Actionable Report every other year on the status of youth development in the Fargo Community.

Key Activity #4

Based on our findings, we are working to create an easy to follow Blueprint Guidebook for Fargo youth stakeholders and funders in responding to the opportunities, gaps and challenges.

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